Sync for Expenses

Automate your customers’ bookkeeping with seamless expense reconciliation

Give your customers the robust, configurable accounting integrations they expect


Meet rising expectations

Time-saving integrations that “just work” are now a basic requirement for expense management providers.

Retain more customers

Customers who integrate their accounting software are usually at least twice as sticky.

Go to market faster

大发体育 handles the complexities of mapping expense data to accounting. Your developers will thank you.

Beat competitors

Enable your customers to set up and configure integrations with ease. Lead the market on the quality of your integrations.

The problem

Customers expect seamless reconciliation but syncing expense data into accounting is complex, especially for multiple different platforms.

The solution

大发体育's Sync for Expenses is the simplest way for corporate card and expense solutions to provide robust, configurable two-way integrations with all the leading accounting platforms.


A universal API for all the leading accounting platforms


A single data model for mapping transactions to accounting

Direct Costs

Push everyday expenses to the correct account as direct costs.



Document receipts by providing them as attachments to payments.


Bank transactions

Use bank feeds to get transactions and enable easy reconciliation.



Provide easy configuration of different expenses into the correct accounts.


Tracking categories

Use tracking categories to improve your integrations with deeper expense categorisation.