Sync for Commerce

Accounting automation for your merchants

销售点和电子商务平台使用Sync for Commerce为商家提供自动化记账的本地会计集成

Scale payments

Grow volume without increasing admin for merchants

Add more value

Let merchants automate complicated bookkeeping processes

Reduce churn

Merchants with integrated accounting are half as likely to churn

How Sync for Commerce works

会计集成帮助商家节省时间,改善记账. However, they are hard to build. 会计是复杂的,不同的会计平台有不同的api.

Merchants connect


You send data

你的平台发送销售和支付数据到Sync for Commerce实时

大发体育 syncs data

Sync for Commerce自动协调您的平台与您的商家的帐户

Battle-tested integrations

Accounting automation that scales

Sync for Commerce processes millions of datasets every day. Don't waste time finding the edge cases that we've already found. Ship a quality product from launch.

Data translation

All the features your merchants need

We built automated bookkeeping so you don't have to.

  • Multiple taxes and tax rates
  • Multiple payment methods
  • Multiple storefronts
  • Separable platform fees
  • Refunds, disputes, and chargebacks
  • Gift cards and tips

Multiple accounting platforms, one API

构建和维护大量不同api的集成是不可伸缩的. 构建一个集成,理清你的路线图,然后回到构建你的核心大发体育上来.

Monitoring tools

支持 your merchants

拥有你的会计整合,让你确保每个商人都有一个伟大的经验. Sync for Commerce为您的一线团队提供了详细的监视工具和全面的可见性.

  • All your merchants in one place
  • Detailed insight into every sync
  • Informative error messages
  • Exportable records

A complete set of features to make developers’ lives easier

  • Full-featured pre-production environment
  • Unlimited sandbox data
  • Guided implementation steps
  • Detailed docs with code snippets and examples
  • 完全处理授权令牌的生成、存储和刷新
  • A single place for platform developer credentials
  • A single API and API key
  • Efficient handling of underlying platform rate limits

Customer story

Zettle by PayPal是如何帮助商家节省时间并保持图书同步的

Product strategy